Due to the lack of supply of Christmas Trees, quality and variety wise, Agros Navidad decided to start this business by carefully assessing the needs and potential of each piece of land in order to plant and grow Douglas Fir pine trees under the highest quality standards which would be able to compete with imported pine trees.

Agros Navidad makes use of cutting-edge technology both in its nurseries and growing of trees, reason why today it is the most important company at a national level that produces Douglas Fir type Christmas trees, which are sold by the major business chains. 

Also, Agros Navidad allows people to visit our growing lands located in Valle de Bravo and Perote, to cut down their own tree, and at the same time enjoying a great experience since the site has playgrounds for children, ecotourism and food.


Image Size Features Care

1.5 To 3 M

Natural cut down tress

Tapered shaped, scented green color

Douglas fir specie

Bucket and tree stand included

-Introduce the main trunk into the tree stand and bucket 

-Pour water in bucket to make it last more

-Lasts 6 weeks approx.

Image Size Features Care

1.20-1.50 M

Tapered shaped live tree

Green-bluish Douglas fir spruce

Withstand heavy decorations

7 gal plastic pot

-Can be kept indoors, in sunlit places

-Water moderately on a regular basis, avoid overwatering.

-Once it grows large can be transplanted into the ground

-Prune in order to keep its size.

Image Size Features Care

80 to 90 cm 

Tapered shaped live tree 
Specie (Pinea and Halepo)
5 gl capacity pot included
Used as a small size Christmas tree or for ornamental purposes.

-Can be kept indoors in sunlit places

-Water it moderately on a regular basis, avoid overwatering

-Once it grows larger can be transplanted into the ground

Image Size Features Cares

50 to 70 cm 

Tapered shaped live tree
Species (Pinea and Halepo)
1.5 gal capacity plastic pot 
Used as a small size Christmas tree or for Ornamental purposes

-Can be kept indoors in sunlit places.

-Water it moderately on a regular basis, avoid overwatering.

-Once it grows large can be transplanted into the ground




    Es considerado como el mas bonito y frondoso de los arboles de navidad
    Se comercializa a nivel nacional
    Sus ramas,puntas y figuras son excelentes para la decoración
    Su aroma es muy agradable
    Tiene buena vida de anaquel

    El precio
    No se produce a nivel nacional




    Es el arbol ma sreconocido y usado como arbol de Navidad
    Es el que tiene mayor consumo en America del Norte
    Excelente para decoración por su cantidad de ramas y frondosidad
    Tiene una figura excelente y su aroma es el mas intenso, rico y duradero
    Lo puedes encontrar en cualquier tamaño
    Costo accesible
    Se produce nacionalmente


    Vida de anaquel(4 semanas)
    Tira mucha hoja o puntas
    Tiende a tener cierta inclinación dependiendo del corte

  • Abeto Blanco
    (White spruce)


    Es excelente para adornar ya que sus ramas son abundantes y duras
    Tiene un excelente color y figura natural


    No se cultiva enTerritorio nacional debido a las características de ambiente y suelo que necesita
    Es difícil de encontrar comercializado en territorio nacional
    Su olor no es muy agradable

  • Vikingo
    (pino blanco o Ayacahuite)


    Es el árbol de mayor producción a nivel nacional, debido a su fácil manejo adecuación a estas latitudes
    Tiene un precio muy accesible
    Su olor es intenso y muy agradable
    No se presta mucho para ponerlo en maceta
    No hay versiones en mini navideño


    No se recomienda adornar con colgantes en las ramas, ya que por sus características sus ramas no son muy firmes

Christmas trees growing has a positive impact on the surrounding environment in several ways. Each acre of Christmas trees used to produce the daily oxygen requirement for 18 people, with 500,000 acres (2000 square kilometers) would produce the amount of oxygen for 9 million people per day. Helps to stabilize the soil, protects water reserves and provides habitats for wild life species.Its growing helps to reduce carbon dioxide levels.
Artificial trees use nonrenewable resources like metal and plastic since its manufacturing involves energy expenses, chemical processes and waste generation. Christmas trees prevent the soil from eroding because when their roots, stabilizing themselves and so the soil. Besides providing stability to the soil, they nourish it and after being cut down, the roots and trunk rot. As the tree grows larger, its branches and leaves fall down and become organic matter which is also a nutrient for the soil.
The growing of Christmas trees also benefits animals, mainly birds, however other animals are indirectly benefited, because they feed themselves from other animals such as rodents living in trees or from the weed around the trees.


Every year this award is granted by the National Forest Commission (CONAFOR in Spanish) The National Forest Merit Award is the most important recognition of its kind within the country. It was created in 1976 by the Federal Government and since then, it has been granted year after year in order to recognize and motivate the ones that performed relevant actions aimed at the preservation, protection, restauration and sustainable use or forest resources for the benefit of society at large.


Recognition granted every year by the National Forest Commission (CONAFOR in Spanish). Agros Navidad participated in the 10th National Meeting on Successful Experiences Exchange on Rural Sustainable Development led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development and Fishery in 2005, at regional, state and national levels.

Other Awards

Agros Navidad participated in the 10th National Meeting on Successful Experiences Exchange on Rural Sustainable Development led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development and Fishery in 2005, at regional, state and national levels. 


Being grown in certain lands, the Douglas Fir pine tree grows in a kind of soil with different conditions compared to other species, in Mexico we are able to grow these trees with the same quality conditions that other latitudes more to the north have. The growing of our Christmas trees in Valle de Bravo (State of México) and Perote (Veracruz) include Douglas Firs up to 2.5 m high.

The Douglas fir tree is coveted for its robust shape, fine and soft green needles. it releases a distinctive pine scent that lasts all Christmas season. It can be decorated and is able to withstand many  Christmas lights if a well-lit tree is desired. In order to maintain the quality of our trees, Agros Navidad makes sure like we do in all of our plants and crops to include a series of specific nutrients in our 

Christmas trees in order for them to succeed We make sure our soils have the right amounts of  Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, boron, copper, chloride, manganese, molybdenum, iron and zinc, apart from controlling PH and have the right drainage.

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