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Agros was the first Mexican agricultural company to invest in glass greenhouses and leading edge technology.

Our Dutch technology greenhouses operate with a computer controlled temperature and humidity system that opens and closes roof openings. Agros was the first mexican agricultural company to comply with the HACCP standards and since 1998 Agros maintains a HACCP based Food Protection Program.

After 10 years Agros is today the most recognized operator of high technology hydroponic greenhouses in Mexico


Agros Tomatoes are simply put Mexico's Best Greenhouse Tomatoes

  Cultivated in one of the best locations in the world for Tomato production, due to the sunshine exposure, even climate, soil richness and supply of clean water, Agros Tomatoes produces a wide range of Tomato Varieties by combining Premium Seeds, tomatoe expertise, tender care and state of the art Dutch technology.

Our hydroponic Greenhouse Tomatoes are always rich in flavor have a luscious appearance and posses great appetite appeal that seduces consumers, chefs and food buyers alike.

Agros tomatoes are the product of extreme quality controls that comply with all the food agricultural, packing, handing and transportation standards.

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